Friday, April 8, 2011

An explanation for my Absence

Not that life isn't explanation itself
i have to go and get the wild hair to remodel.
Out with the bold and in with the subtle.

Next, bead-board and chair rail!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

i love Lellow!

Don't you love the stage of a child where yellow becomes lellow,
and littlest pet shop turns into little sip sep shop?
I do, and i find myself shushing anyone who tries to correct it.
Because it only last a short while, i find myself asking
my 4 year old a lot of questions like... what color is the sun?
just to hear the response. Party to hear the sweet little mispronounced word
and partly to check to see if it still exists.
Maybe subconsciously that is why i find myself collecting these...

or maybe i'm trying to add a little sunshine after a long winter.
Either way, lellow has become one of my new favorite colors.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Déjà vu

i swear i've been here before??? I vaguely remember saying
that i would never run an etsy shop again... Not that i don't like etsy,
don't get me wrong i love etsy.
(if by some unseen reason you haven't checked it out,
grab your wallets and GO.)
Here is a recap of the daily goings on of my last experience
on etsy... i found myself waking early (so out of character!) and diving into
the computer frantically posting new items and filling orders which seemed to
pour out over the entire day despite my good intentions,
(clean house, play with kids, etc...) so by the end of my day, and sometimes
my day never ended and i would watch the sun come up
(there is a reason why we only do this in college!!!) i felt like it took over my life
and IT became the priority. i finally decided that without hiring
and turning it into an official Full Time Job, i would need to sell my business.
And that's just what i did 1 1/2 years ago. it's amazing how time softens the edges
of our memories and we get back on the horse we sore we would never ride again.
But hopefully we get back on smarter and with a little more experience.
So i find myself back on the saddle, so to speak, with a small, quiet etsy shop.
Determined to take it slow and maybe have some fun this time.
Hope you like it!

xoxo jillian

Sunday, February 20, 2011

swimming in skirts...

i've been trying to keep myself busy while the snow continues to fall.
i find that if i don't have multiple projects to keep my mind and hands
occupied through the winter i tend to get a little BLUE.

So this is what i've been up to...

68 American Girl doll shirts and 40 other dresses cut and ready to sew.
i've accepted the fact that i tend to be a little obsessive and excessive and i'm going with it.
Besides, this ones for a good cause. A trip back to Japan with my 2 girls next April.
But first, these little beauties will be sold at a Boutique in September and on
my etsy shop (coming soon) along with anything else i can mass produce;)

What is the worst thing that can be said about getting too much done?
(other than my sister comparing me to a Chinese sweat shop.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I had a good friend stop by last week and show me the darling
quilts she had finished and i fell in love with this one she made.
So naturally i had to copy her and make my own version.
(although, for the record, i liked hers better!)
Thanks friend, for the inspiration!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ideas for the new year...

New Years Resolution: 1 quilt a month. Enjoy the quilting journey.
Reality: More like 2 and pedal to the floor.